Baptisms at our parishes.

Baptisms are on scheduled Sundays and are held at 12.15pm:

1st Sunday of the month: Baptism preparation class
2nd Sunday of the month: St James Forest Lodge
3rd Sunday of the month: St Benedict’s Broadway
4th Sunday of the month: St Bede’s Pyrmont

The Baptism Ceremony takes about 30 minutes.
In the Church’s tradition, children from more than one family are often baptised together to exemplify that they are entering God’s family. We have a maximum of 3 families per baptism at St James and St Benedicts, and 2 families at St Bedes.

PLEASE NOTE: At least one parent and one godparent need to be baptised in the Catholic faith.

Baptism Preparation Class – 1st Sunday of the Month

It is expected that you attend our Baptism Preparation class held on the first Sunday of the month your child is being baptised, from 3.00pm to 4.00pm.

Classes are held at:
St James Hall
2A Woolley Street,
Forest Lodge NSW 2037

St James Hall is on the corner of Woolley Street and St James Lane. Parking is behind the hall in the day-care car park and is accessed from St James Lane. The rear entrance to the hall is pram friendly.

Current Covid-19 Restrictions and requirements.

“The maximum number of people who may attend a baptism is the maximum number of people allowed on the premises, which is one person per 2 square metres.
People attending will be required to sign themselves and their children in as attending, using the Service NSW QR code.

Complying with the 2 square metre rule means there is maximum of:
130 people at St James Forest Lodge – each family can have 43 people attend
160 people at St Benedicts Broadway – each family can have 53 people attend
60 people at St Bede’s Pyrmont – each family can have 30 people attend

What you Need to Bring to the Baptism
A Baptismal Candle and a White Garment is required.  The White Garment can consist of an entire garment which is white, or simply a while cloth with a hole in the middle to place over their baby’s head after their child is Baptised. The Baptism Candle can be decorated with symbols of Baptism – such as a dove or water being poured from a shell, including the name of your son/daughter – but it does not have to be decorated. You can decorate your own Baptism Candles by purchasing special pens that write on candles.

Baptism of children from outside the Parish
As part of the pastoral plan of our Parish we like to support all Catholic Parishes. Part of this support is encouraging those who come from outside the Parish to seek their own local Parish for the baptism of their child. This is so families may be able to make connection with their own local Parish and Parish Priest. Therefore we are unable to accept a booking for baptisms at St Bede’s Pyrmont or St James Forest Lodge if you reside outside the boundries of the Parish. We respectfully suggest that you make contact with your local Parish to arrange the baptism of your child.

For information about having your child baptised please contact the Parish Office on 9660 1407 or email

Office hours are Monday to Friday 9.30am-2.30pm